Team Up with Anyone, Anywhere to Collaborate on Anything

Designed for the new remote, Wiscle let’s you work with all of your teams from wherever life takes you.
Tired of the email, text, phone, voicemail, chat, fax, file-sharing and data-sharing chaos? Next time, simply Wiscle-it and done.
Your most rewarding work/life is just a Wiscle away.
Organizationally Decentralized Team #3: Community ProTeam
Wiscle Demo for Owner and Builders

Collaboration for Happier, More Productive Teams

Work with Anyone and Everyone

Today’s collaboration-enabled tools are designed for a centralized keep-out culture.

So to work with outsiders and our other trust teams, we still stitch email, phone, texting, chat and cloud-storage together with a bunch of SaaS apps and call it good.

Instead, Wiscle is a free network so everyone is welcome and collaboration begins with anyone.

Spin up a new Topic, invite the people that matter to you and presto, you’re working better together using the latest in distributed team communication and data collaboration tools.

Repeat to enjoy modern work/life, simplified.

Data Management, Publishing and Sharing

Most data is locked away in spreadsheets, databases and SaaS apps not doing any of us much good.

In Wiscle, data is customizable, understandable and organized by Topic so it’s ready to be put to work and shared.

Gone are the days of data re-entry because if someone in your network has the data you need, a new customer for example, they can send it over.

Publish data online and to PDFs with Designer.

Want to do more with your data? Visit Marketplace.

Document Management, Publishing and Sharing

Every Topic comes with its own Vault where related files are organized, put to work and shared.

Get files from Wiscle Designer, upload, or copy them from Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive.

Automatically deliver email attachments to your Vault.

Or, visit a Topic that belongs to your Contact to copy files from their Vault to yours!

Files remain safe and secure in the cloud and each one gets a PDF version to share.

Share passcode-protected, time-limitable and auditable xLink external URLs with non-members.

Want to do more with your files? Visit Marketplace.

Work Automated and Prioritized

Wiscle’s growing number of Workflows automate the many repetitive tasks that we perform when we work and collaborate.

From forming a team to putting data and documents to work, level-up with real-time asynchronous workflows.

Use Workflows to: set up topic-based teams, send xLinks by email or sms, send faxes, receive faxes and receive file attachments from email.

Prioritized by what matters to you, Workflows help you stay on top of your many work/life responsibilities.

Coming soon: fill & sign, intro and agreement Workflows

Multiplayer Topics and Communications

Connections are formed when members add each other to their respective Contacts.

This double opt-in process ensures that members remain undisturbed and only reachable by their trust network.

To collaborate, invite your new connection to a Topic. The recipient can join your Topic or link their own if they have related assets to share or their own connections who can help. We call it Topic Linking and it’s very cool.

Every multiplayer Topic gets its own Discussions prioritized chat and audio room bringing the latest in modern communication to every team.

Teams, Teams Everywhere

If you’re like most of us, you collaborate with many professional and personal teams throughout the day. Whether you’re reviewing financials with the board or sharing your daughter’s game schedule with other parents, Wiscle is where you work with all of your context-based teams free from the chaos.

#1) Blended Business Team

Meet Gale. She works with enterprises and businesses in her local community to organize events that benefit low-income families.

Her blended team is comprised of enterprise employees from multiple companies, freelancers, and local service providers with Gale at the helm.

Wiscle Workflows and xlinks let Gale and her frequently-changing team work far more efficiently together. Plus, she didn’t like the constant interruptions from fake free SaaS products.

#2) Cause Team

Meet Janis. Like many of us, she wants to help make the world a better place for her and her family. She’s met a wonderful group on Twitter that shares her passion for teaching DEI awareness classes in their workplace and are excited to make it happen.

Often, however, great intentions end there. From finding a quiet place to communicate and collaborate on curriculum, to dealing with impossible-to-share workplace data and files, the cost and barriers to getting started are simply too great.

Wiscle removes this friction by allowing members to self-organize into collaboration teams, alongside their other professional and personal teams, to take action in support of their cause.

#3) ProTeam – Interdisciplinary Referral Group

Meet Audrey, a Nurse, Care Manager who actively works with Janis and other professionals from her network to provide Harriet and other clients with the best care and services.

Today, Audrey and her team use email, sms, fax, phone, voicemail, cloud storage, fill & sign, admins, and meetups to share referrals, client files and to collaborate.

Wiscle enables this distributed team to work better together by eliminating missed referrals, enabling secure data exchange, streamlining collaboration, modernizing communications and provides ways to discover new trust relationships and business opportunities.

#4) Deal/Data Room

Gale is also an investor working for a firm that is interested in the future of work and learning.

She just discovered a massive impact opportunity and wants to start a dialogue with the founders, discuss their pitch deck, bring in her trusted experts to perform due-diligence, make some intros and invite her investor and operator friends to take a look.

Before Wiscle she exchanged lots of emails with attachments, joined a bunch of Slack groups, subscribed to dedicated investor systems and even tried cloud-storage to stay ahead of the madness.

Eventually, she couldn’t keep up and hired administrative help.

Now, she easily spins up Topics and collaborates with her many work/life teams, from anywhere, bringing her peace and prosperity.

Coming Soon!

Cohorts, Research Teams, Breakout Groups, Gig Workers, Study Groups