NFT Creators, Collectors, Curators and Fans, Unite!

  • Easily deploy smart contracts and mint NFTs
  • Curate and share multimedia galleries
  • Tweet galleries, set your PFP and profile banner
  • Safely build and discover new NFTs
Community-owned Wiscle Network provides free, trusted and beautifully designed social-collaboration tools for non-developers.

Easily deploy smart contracts and mint NFTs

Turn your art, photography, music, videos, documents and archives into NFTs with Deploy Smart Contract/Collection and Mint NFT from Vault File workflows. Just fill out a form and press Send.

No experience necessary. No wallet required.

And for a limited time, we pay blockchain fees.

Curate and share multimedia galleries

Follow any web3 wallet address and optionally add yours. Curate multimedia Sets from your favorite NFTs across wallets, chains and collections.

Share curated galleries on your Socials to expand the web3 vibe!

Tweet galleries, set your PFP and profile banner

Tweet any curated gallery, set a new profile banner with up to 75 NFTs or set your PFP to any NFT using the Twitter NFT Fun workflow.

Safely build and discover new NFTs

Wiscle provides safe and trusted tools with the goal of expanding web3 beyond its developer roots, rugs and marketplace-first dynamics. Community-owned means we build tech that improves our quality-of-lives and where businesses access us on our terms.

Like email, NFTs are built on open technologies that allow anyone to send junk to anyone else. Our curation tools let you organize your NFTs into Visible, Staging, Archived and Junk.

And our standards-based smart contracts ensure that your NFTs are ready to be safely bought, sold and traded on OpenSea, Rarible and other marketplaces while being visible to all other blockchain tools.

Team Up with Anyone and Everyone

Today’s collaboration-enabled tools are designed for a centralized keep-out culture.

So to work with outsiders and our other trust teams, we still stitch email, Discord, Slack, SMS, chat and cloud-storage together with a bunch of SaaS apps and call it good.

Instead, Wiscle is a free network so everyone is welcome and collaboration begins with anyone.

Spin up a new Topic, invite the people that matter to you and presto, you’re working better together using the latest in distributed team communication and data collaboration tools.

Repeat to enjoy modern work/life, simplified.