In late 2019, several months after starting her aging-life care-management practice, Audrey’s workdays began to look mostly the same: painful hours spent chasing down information, filling out paperwork and endless phone calls to the doctors, fiduciaries, caregivers and the many other service providers partnering to care for their common aging life client.

Nights and weekends began to focus on the business too, as Audrey sought to make the connections and gain the referrals she needed to build a sustainable business. Long days of paperwork and long nights of business meetups weren’t the dream she had envisioned months prior.

We started to develop Wiscle for Audrey and her distributed ProTeam use case. The team members represented a mix of professions and no-one worked for the same company. The plan: to enable Audrey and her team to share clients and to enable them to provide better services together.

Then, with Covid, we pivoted a bit and ended up building what Marc Andreessen refers to as the “permanent civilizational shift that’s more important than the internet”.

Seeking a wicked smart, underestimated CEO/Cofounder to help us build a proper company and culture based on our mission.

Patrick Vermont
Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Angela Fang
Co-Founder, Chief Community Officer