What is this ‘Free’ Nonsense?

What is this ‘Free’ Nonsense?

Permanently divorcing physical location from economic opportunity gives us a real shot at radically expanding the number of good jobs in the world while also dramatically improving quality of life for millions, or billions, of people.

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Wiscle Network and Community provides us with safe spaces to publish data, share files, automate work and easily communicate and collaborate with trusted teammates.

Collaboration Community

By making modern decentralized team collaboration free, safe and ubiquitous, everyone is welcome to work from wherever life takes them.

And by solving the hardest social, technical and business challenges as a community, Wiscle ushers in a global future-of-work that improves the quality of life for millions, or billions, of people.

A Safe and Quiet Place to Work

Unlike today’s social networks and SaaS products, Wiscle never employs the annoying and ethically-questionable monetization and marketing techniques that we tolerate today.

Say goodbye to: personal data-collection, ad-targeting, useless free tiers, plan upselling, costly bundles, phishing, SPAM, paid email access and contacts-blasting.

With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility

Work involves data. Lot’s of it.

Today, that data is locked away, in the wrong hands, fragmented and nearly impossible to use or share.

In Wiscle, members own their data and it’s worth a lot. The data is understandable so it can be shared with other members and used to fuel data-powered applications. And, as the community grows, so does the quality of the data.

Of course, members, not tech companies decide how to use data and who benefits.

Welcome to the Personal Data Economy

The Wiscle Marketplace is where members can be matched with app vendors who want to make them healthier, wealthier, wiser, more productive, better entertained and much more when provided access to their data.

How Wiscle Makes Money

Wiscle sells add-ons, widgets, workflows and apps to help members get the most from their digital assets in Marketplace. Wiscle also receives transaction fees from ecosystem partners.

Patrick Vermont, Co-founder & CTO