Earn $WCL token by building the community-owned collaboration platform of the future!

By owning the DEI platform that the planet uses to communicate and collaborate, we take charge of the systems that help us to live our lives and take back our enormous wealth as talent, personal-data and targets of commerce. 🤯

Our mission is to ensure that anyone who chooses can thrive in a blended-reality world where the lines between real-life and technology are blurring.

Wiscle Demo for Owners and Builders

Wut? That’s insane! How can this possibly work?

We’ve built a modern communication and data collaboration platform around us where we create the user experiences we want and benefit from our digital identities and data.

Our MVP is ready and it’s time to grow our community and its value by building the future of work/life in Wiscle. In web3, a thriving community creates a strong token and a strong token funds a powerful CI/CD with community that delivers on our mission. We win. Business wins. The planet wins.

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Introducing Member Owner/Builders or as we like to call ourselves, MOBs. When we organize ourselves to build, we become a mob of MOBs with the power to make big changes!

$WCL token and NFTs provide our community with new and exciting ways to reward our builders, attract supporters and create new owners.

Check out the Job Board for gigs, quests, bounties, grants and NFTs. Airdrops anyone?

What’s the value of a community with a few billion happier, more productive people working, playing and living a better quality-of-life on our platform from anywhere?

Join the Wiscle mob and let’s find out together!

NFT Collections (in progress)

Job Board