Mission Control and Team Collaborator Quest

When you log in, you’ll land in Mission Control, Wiscle’s data and file management, publishing and collaboration experience. It’s divided into four sections:

1) Topic Lists
2) Topic Space
3) Discussion
4) Workflows

It’s helpful to understand our layout and each section before getting started.

But first, what’s a Topic?

Topics represent you, the contacts with whom you collaborate and the things on which you work.

Today, you can create new Topics based on these Topic Types: Contact, Person, Organization, Place, Note and General.

Feedback Request: for now please use our generic Topic set and let us know in Conversations what additional data you’d like to see.

Important: In a future quest, Topic Types will be customizable by you in Topic Type Manager so instead of a Person Topic, for instance, you could have a Client Topic with the data fields and labels that matter to you. We also plan to release Wiscle ProPacks that are pre-customized for a variety of industries and easily installable from Marketplace. Data created in your generic Topic set will transform into your new Topic set when they are ready. Please see schema.org for the types of objects and properties available (advanced).

Besides letting you manage your data, a Topic lets you publish your data into PDF reports that are organized and shared in Topic Vault. Additionally, Vault lets you import many file formats from storage services to make it safe to collaborate with those files as well.

Tip: If a link or button in Mission Control is blue, hold your mouse over it to learn what it does.

Topic Lists

Select desired Topic here. Clicking links throughout Wiscle will take you to a Topic as well. Your browser back button will take you back.

  • Navigate to Topics created by you and by others.
  • View your Personal, Contact and Custom Topics.
  • Create new Contacts, new Custom Topics and manage existing ones.
  • Manage Connections to Contacts in your network.
  • Connections are automatically created when you add someone to your Contacts and they add you to theirs. If someone has added you to their Contacts, the Manage Connections button turns green letting you know.

Feedback Request: Today, lists such as Contact and Custom Topics have a Search feature. To its left will be a Filter feature that lets you quickly reduce the items displayed in a variety of common ways. For each list, please let us know what’s most valuable to you.

Topic Space

The Topic Space is the user interface for the currently selected Topic.  

  • Topics have three views – Data, Design, and Vault.
    • Data View allows you to manage your data and settings.
    • Design View allows you to create PDF Snapshot Reports from your data.
    • Vault View allows you to import, manage, view and share files. 
  • Toolbar icons change to reflect actions available in each of the three views.

Important: currently visitors maintain the same file rights as you regardless of how they are set by you. Coming soon.

Feedback Request: what file permissions should a Topic Owner be able to give a Topic Visitor? View, Print, Copy to My Topic, Download, Start Workflow or Other? Please note that for our MVP release, we are not allowing Topic Owners to give Topic Visitors data viewing, sharing and/or editing permissions. Additionally, only a Person’s main contact information can be shared. In a future quest, we’ll be exploring real-time data collaboration experiences.

Feedback Request: Design View’s PDF Snapshot Reports are partially implemented and we need your feedback to understand how to make these more valuable. We’ll follow up with specific questions. Also, we’ll be creating our Design Widgets Request and Priority List where you can tell us about all the ways you’d like to use your understandable data. From web signup forms to finding insights, Wiscle is about using our data in endless ways.

Discussion — Business Chat and Drop-In Audio

Real-time communications for Connected Contact and Multiplayer Custom Topics.

Feedback Request: the biggest source of misery for most collaborators is the growing number of communication channels and associated notifications that they are expected to monitor and respond to. The left “actives” Discussion pane is being designed to unify and prioritize chat and audio using the VIP settings set from your Personal Topic. After using Discussions with multiple Topics and teams, please let us know how to create better feedback and notification controls to make them most valuable to you.

Important: we’re currently experiencing chat and audio disconnections and funky feedback when a browser remains open over a long period of time. Please submit a bug report when you experience this. See Team Collaborator Quest and web3 Backgrounder. Click “Mission Control” menu item to reset Wiscle functionality.

  • Communicate synchronously/asynchronously with editable Chat.
  • Communicate synchronously with Audio.

Wiscle Workflows

Wiscle Workflows automate multistep operations between you, your contacts and systems. Expandable through Marketplace, workflows are used to put your data and files to work in a growing number of ways. If you’ve ever electronically signed an agreement or scheduled yourself on someone else’s calendar, you’ve used a workflow.

Feedback Request: today Wiscle Workflows are limited to a single recipient. We’ll be asking you to help us design a multi-recipient experience. Also, we’ll be creating our Wiscle Workflow Request and Priority List where you can tell our community about the new automations you’d like to see us build. From signing an agreement (on blockchain or off) to automating an approval cycle, to minting an NFT of your artwork, Wiscle Workflows change how we accomplish work in teams and we need your help to tune them.

Important: The workflows that appear in the Start a Workflow Drop Down List are dependent on the type of Topic and object selected. For instance, you can only invite a Contact to join a Custom Topic. And, you must have a file selected in Vault to use file-related Workflows like Send an xLink by Email. In some cases, no workflows may be available and the list will be empty.

  • Workflows available today
    • Invite a Contact to your Custom Topic.
    • Receive Custom Topic Invitation From a Contact.
    • Send File xLink by Email.
    • Receive Email Attachment.
    • Send File xLink by SMS.
    • Send File by Fax (Marketplace).
    • Receive Fax (Marketplace).

Good so far?  Time to get started on that quest!!🚀🚀🚀

The Quest 🔥🔥🔥:

Step 1: Complete Your Personal Profile

The first time you log in you’ll see your personal profile displayed in the Topic Space with a message to complete your contact information.  

Step 2: Connect 

If your Connections button is green (connections waiting), select it. Then, connect with Pat, Angela and/or anyone else wishing to collaborate with you.
If your Connections button is blue, move to the Step 3.

Step 3: Add Contacts

  1. Select the Add Contact button to add Patrick Vermont (pvermont@wiscle.com), if not already added in Step 2.
  2. Select the Add Contact button to add Angela Fang (afang@wiscle.com), if not already added in Step 2.

Important: Import your Contacts from other services coming soon.

Step 4: Add Note in Angela Topic

  1. Select the Notes Tab in Angela’s Topic Space. Make sure you are in Data View.
  2. Select Add to create a note:  Wiscle is Owned and Built by Us for Us.
  3. Save the Note.

Step 5: Add Files to Angela Topic

  1. Switch to Vault View in Angela’s Topic Space.
  2. Add/Upload one or more non-sensitive files to share with Angela.

Step 6: Update File Name & Access Level

Edit the name of one of the Vault files to something meaningful (or witty) and set its access level to Shared.

Step 7: Send XLink by Email

  1. Remain in Vault View with the file whose name and access-level you just changed, selected.

  1. Select Send xLink by email in the Wiscle Workflow List and Press Start a Workflow.

  1. Select a Recipient and optionally add a Title and/or Body. 

  1. Choose the Settings you want for the secure link that will be included in the email:

  1. Make sure you’re happy with the settings and Select Send. Some Workflows can be updated or called-back. This one can’t because it sends an email on your behalf.

If you connected with Angela in a previous step, drop her a link to the same Vault file directly in the chat channel for this Topic.

Step 8: Add A “General” Custom Topic

  1. Create a new “General” Custom Topic.
  1. Send Angela an invitation to join your new Topic using the Send Team Invitation workflow.

Step 9: Introduce yourself in Conversations

Congratulations on getting through the first and hardest part of the Team Collaborator Quest!  Angela and Patrick will connect back with you through chat soon to start our feedback loop! We’re always available in email as well.

Wiscle is pre-release software.  Please report problems and kindly help us with ideas that will help us to make your collaboration experiences better.