Wiscle Free

Data Management, Publishing & SharingUnlimited
Custom Topic TypesUnlimited
Topic LinkingUnlimited
Report Designer (data to pdf)Unlimited
Interactions Asynchronous WorkflowsUnlimited
Work PrioritizationUnlimited
Text ChatAll Topics
Drop-In Audio ConferencingAll Topics
Secure File VaultAll Topics
Receive Vault Files by EmailUnlimited
Import Files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDriveUnlimited
Secure, Auditable File xLinks with Expiration, Permissions and PasscodeUnlimited
Send xLink by EmailUnlimited
Send xLink by SMSUnlimited
Multiplayer Topics40
Annoying MarketingNever
Use Your Data Without PermissionNever
Subject to Change before Launch (Not the last two)

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Pay with currency, $WCL and other cryptocurrencies.