What is this ‘Free’ Nonsense?

Wiscle Network lets members easily deploy smart contracts, mint NFTs, manage data, share files, automate processes and to communicate and collaborate with their trust circles while they do.

This creates a lot of data.

With ownership of their data, members can give businesses and employers safe access through Wiscle’s Consumer-to-Business (C2B) Marketplace to use in apps and services that make them healthier, wealthier, wiser, more productive, better entertained and much more.

Wiscle earns marketplace fees from these businesses. Just like Apple, Microsoft and Google do but in this case it funds Wiscle’s mission and benefits WCL-OWN token holders.

All members regardless of ownership receive free-to-use social communication and collaboration tools built for us by us and can visit Marketplace to purchase new and exciting data-fueled experiences.

A Safe and Quiet Place to Work

Unlike today’s social networks, web3 and SaaS products, Wiscle never employs the annoying and ethically-questionable monetization and marketing techniques that we tolerate today.

Say goodbye to: personal data-collection, selling ads, unusable free tiers, plan upselling, costly bundles, phishing, email/nft SPAM, rugs, shilling, paid email access and contacts-blasting.

With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility

Businesses want our data.

Today, our data is siloed, in the wrong hands, fragmented and nearly impossible to use or share.

In Wiscle, members own their data. The data is understandable so it can be shared with other members and systems and used to fuel data-powered machine-learning applications. And, as our community grows, so does the quality of our data.

Welcome to the Personal Data Economy

Our Marketplace is where members are matched with developers, businesses and employers who want to provide them with products and services that use our members’ data in the ways they’re comfortable sharing.

How Wiscle Makes Money

Wiscle sells add-ons, widgets, workflows and apps to help members get the most from their digital assets and receives fees from ecosystem partners through Marketplace. Community-owned, we call this our Consumer-to-Business, C2B, marketplace where we control the gates to our enormous wealth, not data monopolies.

Web3, Trust, DEI, Ownership and the Future

At Wiscle, we believe in a web3 ethos (but with trust) and are building a transparent organization where the well-being of our community and its members drives our decisions, not Wall Street financial interests. Starting with an ownership token (WCL-OWN) and a marketplace currency token (WCL), we are rewarding members who help us thrive and selling NFTs to capitalize our launch and growth.

By partnering with women, LGBTQ+ and BiPOC communities that can help us tune our user experience and expand our reach, we’ve created a way to give early tech ownership and knowledge to groups that are usually overlooked with web3 projects and investors.

Our future is community-driven with the goal of uniting the best social, technical, organizational and business minds together to execute on our mission.

Time to shake up the status-quo by building an equitable and more rewarding future of work/life!

Patrick Vermont, Co-founder & CTO